Locked In My Cb3000

I have been a fan of chastity for some time now.

I have a cb300 but am going to graduate into a more sturdy and secure metal cage.

My wife is ok with it, just not the key holder I would like her to be.

I would love for her to deny release for long periods of time. The longest I was locked up was just over 2 weeks and although she REALLY liked how she got treated (in bed especially), she got bored with it and I found the key was placed on the counter for me.

I still wear it, but have become my own key holder. I have them frozen in a gallon jug of water. It takes a while to unfreeze and can speed the process by running water over/in it.

My wish one day is for her to take total control.
quilapids quilapids
36-40, M
Sep 24, 2012