First Pooping Accident

I was ridnig my bmx to my friend dereks house when i got there i was glad so i could inallly take a huge crap. but the worst thing happend he wasnt home!!! my house was about half an hour away i was wearing shorts and i seriously had to crap!! i had to crap so bad that i couldnt even ride my bmx so i had to push my bike. i got to the end of the street and then i gave in for a second and it all came out into my pants!! i carried on walking my bmx home i had a huge load in my pants!!! i finallly got the courage to get on my bike. when i sat down it all mushed all over me.. when i got home i changed..
Mchukyle555 Mchukyle555
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2012