Oh my gosh, Yes! I love wearing women's jeans. I mean I can't resist that tight feeling over my hips and rear. They are fantastic feeing and look sensational.
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I only have two female jeans and I love them bot from charity shops!

Those are great shopping opportunities.

100% agree they feel and fit much better than guys jeans. Love the smoother softer fabrics and tight hugging styles

So do I, Luckily I have a tiny **** and I look just like a girl. My wife bought me an insert that I wore and it gave me a perfect cameltoe.

They sold them for Speedo bathing suits. They had a female one, but they had three sizes for the Men's package. Sexism ! My wife wore the Men's 'bulge' at public beaches on occasion , you'd be surprised how few people noticed.

Oops I responded to you in the wrong place. Look above !

Lee Just Below the Waist are my favorite. Have several styles and colors

I only have one. I got in a charity shop! I have a small *** and this fits me so well! I put it on for most of my weekends! Bliss as the wife just thinks is my old jeans.

Not really, unless you get the kind with sequins and/or embroidery. My favorite are Lee Just below the Waist. Have several pair and wear them any time I'm in long pants.

The tight feeling is great, love to wear them with heels

Yes! Pretty heels with jeans is a sexy look.

Everyone should wear women's jeans, male or female a cute butt is a cute butt.

I love wearing them. Its a treat and a turn on.

I'd like to wear some with a gaff panty and be completely smooth in the front as I walk around. Thinking of men staring at my butt and women at my crotch wondering how small I must be.

I tuck very easy so I get that smooth front. I'm small which works nice for me.

I'm on the upper end of average size, sometimes I wish I were smaller though.

I've always been way below average. I was ashamed for a long time but I learned to appreciate my small size.

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Totally agree !! Women's jeans fit and feel so much better then men's jeans ! Faded Glory are my favorite women's jeans !! Gf loves seeing me wearing them too !

I always wear women's jeans. Mens jeans are either too long ( I'm 5"1' ) or too baggy. They must be tight. Skinny white are a fave. I have a mint pair of Georgio Armarni jeans that cost £6 from charity shop. Primark is good for skinny jeans. They go nice with my high heels. Almond oil is fab on shaven legs.

Low cut jeans are ok, means I can show my tramp stamp ( tattoo ).

Wearing them in public is so hot !My GF buys them for me, she has to special order her jeans, she's 6'3' and has a longer inseam than I.

Yes they do, I attain a real peach bottom and no male bulge in the front, oddly enough I've noticed men checking out my crotch more than any females. I don't understand what that means, but definately men do stare, ha ha.

They like what they see, I think.

I wear them every chance I get!

Me too. My goodness they feel so sexy over my panties or hose and I love having my *** smacked in them.