Can Can Dancer

So very vivid in my memory is the thought, wishing so very much to dress like and be accepted by the pretty Girls doing Can Can.

When I was quite young I saw some Western Movies with pretty Can Can Dancers and they wore the prettiest, ruffled panties with garters,= under thier FEMININE dresses that  had lovely lace about the bodice, carressing the cups.

I remember watching the movie "Annie Get Your Gun", (Sorry Girls, the movie was ("Calamiity Jane") with Doris Day (Oh how much I wanted to be and dress like her) and they had a guy dress up as a show Girl with fully Can Can attire. Oh how much I envied him!! I also recall an episode of "Have Gun Will Travel" when Pallidon was called into help, whatever. There was a scene in this episode when Pallidon saw a guy running away from a group of men
that were carring a "Full Dance Hall Girl" dress that they wanted him to wear. WOW, he ran--I don't know if I would though!

Ruffled Pastel Panties are just sooooooooooo very cute and fun to wear.

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Buying ruffled full cuts soon. Lovely

I am another person who loves the CanCan. And I like the dancers to wear frilly panties.<br />
<br />
But I think that for an encore the dancers should remove the panties. <br />
<br />
And, yes, I would like to do a cancan sometime.

I love the cancan too! :)

Have you ever done a Can Can in front of an audience?

Have you ever done a Can Can in private? I shouldn't say this, but I know my sister would sometimes do Can Can like steps in front of a mirror.

Would you add me as a friend?

Not in front of an audience, but yes, I did it in front of a mirror when I was younger. I think most girls do when they're growing up.

Yes, I'll add you as a friend.

It is curious that some boys like to also.

Thanks for adding me as a friend.

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I wear frilly ruffle panties under my tennis skirt very cute.

So glad to know it.

Please where do you buy them..please help.thankyou