Hot Hats!

I love dress hats
I wear them to church
One time I had a dress hat addiction
I am serious too I thought I had to have a new hat on every Sunday
Yes for about 3 or 4 months I went hat hot! I was craving dress hats
Now I am much more calm about them
I can look at leave them I had to pray to get over my hat buying addiction
I have lots of hats I wear the odd kind
The kind that will draw attendtion
My mom said when I was a little girl
Everytime they go in a store I knew sold hats
I would pull and pull to get away from her
If I did I would run to the hats
She would put me in a cart outside the store to prepare herself to deal with me about hats
So there you go ladies and gentlemen
I am a born for hats lady.
I love hats my daughter gave me one for Christmas
It looks like a fancy ball hat and its's lavender with rimestones and a big bow in the front.
I havent wore it yet but when I do
I am going to be Hot! :>
Every body that knows me know
I love hats
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
Jan 1, 2012