yes I have more heels and wear them where my wife only owns flats and sandals
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I think when you are told not to wear them it makes them more appealing

My wife (for now, she wants a divorce) has some very sexy heels that I have bought her over the last couple years. It was hope that I could live vicariously through her. She is 5'9 and incredibly sexy. But she just doesn't wear heels that much. As we go through and finalize our divorce I'll be finding and building my collection of heels to wear. The desire to wear them has only come about the last year ish..

I like to wear them at least as much as my wife if not more.


Sound very sexy feel free to add or message me

Are your legs nicer than hers? Yours are pretty nice. NOTHING beats a great pair of legs in sexy hose and high strappy sandals... :)

yes I think so, hers are nice she wears hose also