A Delicious Fantasy

I started wearing stockings about the same age as most men who do it and, once we're hooked, we seem to stay hooked. Looking back, I really wish there had been an older woman in my life to actively encourage me, or even get off on it herself. I love stories about guys encouraged by aunts ETC. When I was young, the allure of older women in stockings was intense. Now, completely separate from the rest of my sexual life, when I wear, it's just my **** and me. Lovely but...
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Found step-mom'(58yo) panty-drawer treasures @22 & how they could enhance my JO pleasures! Of course.I quickly developed a ****** fantasy;becoming aware of veryfem,mature women in skirts,heels & blouses.Luv her panty-girdles,OBG,garters & sheer,lace & thigh-hi's..The warm,snug & senuous feel makes my **** bulge & *** so hard. I'd love to get caught,scolded & then be allowed &assisted in dressing & wearing her lingerie...or having a mature neighbor I lust for,take lingerie shopping.Hope Mom was flattered by my huge *** splatter,knowing how I toiled & ***** oiled her high-cut breifs & snug girdles.

As a young teenager, how non-PC it is to admit that I was craving what would amount to child sexual abuse but, if it had happened for me, I'm sure I would have gone for it like a rat up a drainpipe.
I'm sorry if I go on about this too much, but one consequence of being blind is that a tactile experience is your only solution - no sneaked peaks of stockinged adults, or mail order catalogues for me. So I was kind of shut in with it.
I can't believe my mum didn't notice the odd mark on some lovely satin French knickers I found in a drawer, but nothing has ever been mentioned (how British that is).

The alure of either an older or a younger woman who shares our passion for nylon and stockings would be the ultimate partnership. My appreciation for the sensual feel of nylon is as intense to touch another who is wearing as it is to be touched. I would love to bathe her from head to toe and to light up all of her senses........what joy that would be.

Indeed, and the urge to do that is what has drawn me towards the idea of touching a fellow enthusiast, regardless of gender; just to experience it with someone who is as turned on by it as I am. Thanks for responding.

Fabulous sweetie