Stockings Are My Favorite

I love wearing hosiery and stockings are my favorite. I love the feel of my legs encased in nylon and have tried everything. I feel the best when I am wearing a nice corset with attached garters a satin thong to hold me in place and some very sheer stockings covering my legs.

There is something about wearing a corset. The feel of it squeezing you into that hourglass shape that we do not come by naturally. Then pulling up a pair of silky sheer stockings up your legs and attaching them to the garter tabs dangling from the corset bottom. Cinching up the garters so that every movement tugs at the top of the stockings moving them ever so slightly across your legs. rubbing your legs together enjoying that wonderful sensation of touch on your nylon encased legs. The satin thong straining from my stiffening member and getting buried deeper in my rear. I put on a pair of 5 inch stiletto pumps to add to my sensations. As I walk wearing those shoes it makes my butt wiggle an my legs rub as the garters continue to pull at the stocking tops. I stop and bend over forcing the garters at the back of my legs to tighten even more pulling the stockings up the back of my legs sending a thrilling sensation through my body. I stand back up and then rub my legs together before bending over again and feeling my aching member explode filling my satin thong with my sweet cream.

Oh how I love stockings!!!
KimmiCD KimmiCD
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

This story is so hot babe, keep it up!! I love heels and lingerie ;) makes me hard.

Thank you. You are so right high heels and lingerie is so hot!!!

feeling your garters tug at your stockings, to me is mindblowingly blissfull

Oh yes it is!!! I love that feel.

Very nicely said, would love to have you model for my camera and me.

Thank you so much!!! That does sound like fun. :-)