Short Yet Exciting Outtings

Alot of my experiences in hosiery which has always been wearing pantyhose,are very short yet exciting outtings such as wearing them to places like the driverthrus or to the post office after hours,as this became a regular and exciting thing for as it all started when one night after Id gotten home supper was over with and Id decided to enjoy myself in a pair of pantyhose instead of the normal routine.

As I was sitting there I realized that I hadnt checked the mail that day and I was expecting something important about that time,but I was enjoying myself so much I didnt want to have to dress normally to go back to the post office to check the mail,so the overpowering urge to wear my pantyhose there got the better of me,afterall it was later on and most people would have already been and gone,as I got closer to the post office the butterflies in my stomach got larger,at that time I really wanted to know the feeling of being seen wearing pantyhose by a total stranger particularly a woman but didnt know what to expect so it was still alot of fun to be out in my pantyhose without being seen.

As I got out of the car I could tell that there wasnt anyone there so with my key in my hand and ready staight inside I went and checked the mail,nothing in the box,but the excitement was well worth the trip,but it felt so good walking around in the post office in my pantyhose that it distracted me and I didnt see this older man when he drove up,the only way out was right past him so I went back to my box and stooped down like I was checking my mail I was wearing shorts and a long shirt with shoes and I just pretending to check my mail and like there wasnt anything up at all,he comes past me and on down to his box,while he is distracted with getting his mail out of the box,I just normally closed my box stood up and turned to walk for the door,what turned me on though was that the way that I was stooped down if I were wearing a skirt he could have seen all the way up,as he could see up between my legs,as i was walking out of the lobby I could see through the reflection of the glass that he was looking at me,with kind of a quizzacle look on his face,not to mention that on the way out I held the door for a woman that was coming in to check her mail,with us both trying to get through the door she was distracted and didnt notice,but that was a turn on too nevertheless.

After I had started the car I sat there to see if the two of them would start a conversation and they did I had the car running so that when they started for the door I could go ahead and leave befoer they came out but while I was watching them,as they talked I know it was about me because as they were talking they both kept looking out the window at my car,if I could read expressions on their faces the one on the mans face would have been as he was talking to the woman was like "I cant believe that he would be brave enough to come in here dressed like that!!" but the womans expression to me was more of a comical one as like " He held the door for me and I didnt even notice it!!"like she was disappointed that she had missed out.

I can tell you that there were more trips after hours to the post office to check my mail for awhile,none of them could be compared to the first experience that I had but some were in their own right just as exciting,but I think that I was the cause of them installing cameras in the lobby,as one day by chance I was off from work that day and decided to check my mail and when I did I noticed that they had installed the cameras,I cant say that I was the reason that they did this but,it could have been the timing and that they were planning to do it before then and or it could have been a coincidence,but that was the end of my "late night" visits to the post office but I would find other ways to enjoy myself!!!
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Your post office story reminded me of a trip to the post office I made. I was going through some mail and paying some bills. I was wearing pantyhose, and a new dress and shoes I had just bought. Usually after I finish writing the checks, I drop them off off at the post office. They get distributed faster and get lost a lot less.

Usually when I go out, I slip on a pair of shorts and some shoes. It was dark. I decided to keep my new dress and pumps on. I wanted to practice walking in the shoes and break them in.

There is a parking lot near the post office. Then there is a path that is maybe a few hundred feet long from the parking lot to the building. That path runs alongside a main road set in maybe 100 feet. I parked my car and got out. I was excited to be wearing my new dress outside even if it was dark.

I picked up my mail and began walking towards the building. I was trying to pay attention to how I was walking in my heels as I was a bit shaky in them and didn't want to fall. I started noticing car horns beeping and guys yelling out the window. They were yelling things that were crude and complimentary. Most of the time their comments were about loving my legs and wanting to be between them. I was thinking about just going back to my car, but there was curbing and they couldn't just drive up to me. I decided to just keep walking and mail the bills. The horns kept beeping and the remarks about my legs kept coming on the way there and back.

As I was almost to my car, another car came speeding into the parking lot. I wondered if they were looking for me. I just got my car before they got to me and drove off normally. They seemed to be following me so I just drove around a lot. After they turned off I drove home.

I had been out in a dress pantyhose and heels before but that was in college for parties. This was different. I was out openly in public wearing a short dress, heels and pantyhose. I wonder how those guys who wanted me so bad would have felt if they found out I was a guy and not the girl with the great legs they though I was.

The experience was a real surprise and a rush. I made a lot of trips to the post office at night to mail my bills. There was always similiar reactions to my legs and how I looked. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather to resume my post office mailings.

I've been wearing pantyhose out openly with shorts and hairfree legs since I was in high school. It was at the urging of an ex girl friend. I was reluctant. I thought everyone would notice. Very much to my sorprise, no one seemed to notice. Everyone I walked past or got close to someone. I was waiting for reactions or remarks. I noticed nothing.

I began to relax and really enjoy the experience, especially with her teasing me endlessly, touching and stroking my legs and rubbing her pantyhose against mine. Anytime after that, we always wore pantyhose together and I always wore out openly in public.

After high school we went in different directions, but I continued to wear pantyhose out openly. I enjoyed it and was trying to get the attention of another girl who might like me in pantyhose. I put my pantyhosed legs in palin view. I was surprised at how no one seemed to notice. I began to wear very short shorts to show as much leg as possible. I began to shop for and buy a lot of pantyhose while dressed that way. I was still surprised at how no one seemd to notice. Then one day in a department store, I noticed a girl buying pantyhose. I headed right for the display and began doing some shopping of my own. I tried to position my self so she could see my legs. Several times I was close enough where I was certain she could see the mesh. I was close to her. When I reached over, I would excuse myself and apologize for being in her space. Then she told me I had nice legs and asked if I was wearing pantyhose. I panicked, put the pantyhose down and hurried off.

Afterwards as I was thinking about what happened, I decided to try to go back there and see if I could see that girl again and handle it different. I never saw her again..I decided if and when I ever got noticed again, I would handle it different no matter how nervous I was.

Several montsh later I was shoppng for pantyhose. I noticed the girsl at the cashier looking at me. As I moved around her look seemed to follow me. I wondered if she noticed I was wearing pantyhose, was wondering why a guy was shopping for pantyhose, or just liked how I looked. I picked out a lot of pantyhose. I waited until her register was clear. Then I took the pantyhose up to her to pay. She rang them up and bagged them. Then she told me she would like to see me in them. I went and put the pantyhose I had just bought in my car them went back in to show her. She was talking care of customers. When her register was clear I went up to her and told her to see if she liked how my legs looked. I backed away so she could see them. She smiled and told me she thought I might be wearing pantyhose but she wasn't sure. She told me what time she got off and told me to come back with my pantyhose on. When I went back later, she was wearing a short skirt and pantyhose.

Thanx for your comment and your story,they sure didnt go unnoticed!