I have been wearing pads for years, I love the way they feel. Like the maxi the best.
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2011

I agree. I'm at work and sitting here with a Kotex on and Loving it. Makes my *** feel so good.

belted pads were by far the best sadly very few remain . for me the thicker ones are nicest but above all i much prefer those worn by a lady 1st then i can wear her scent .

I have loved the feel of wearing pads from a very young age wearing my moms and sisters new pads. As I go tolder I would buy my own and loved the old belt style. I have been married for 37 yrs and been wearing my wifes used ones for years. She has been in the hospital a couple times and they gave her these really thick and long pads with the tabs for a belt, I wear a pad every day all day long.

Does your wife know you wear her old pads or even new pads.xx

Yes, she has known for years, when she was having periods I would wear them as often as I could now she wears light pads incase she has an accident I wear them everyday. I wear maxi pads when I get the feeling.