Pad In My Panties Today

Well it had been way too long, so I decided it was time for some maxi pad play. I found a nice pair of purple panties and pulled them up. but just before they were all the way up I stopped and place a nice thick Kotex overnight maxi pad in them. I then pulled them the rest of the way. I finished dressing with a pair of suntan pantyhose and 3 inch black high heels and went about doing some laundry. Of course if I have a pad in my panties it is nearly impossible for me to keep from wanting to make my pad wet. So sure enough a short time later i was dribbling little bits of pee into my pad. It didn't take long before the pad was completely soaked. I made my way to the bathroom, heels clicking on the floor. I pulled down my silky smooth pantyhose and pulled my panties down to my knees and sat to finish peeing. After I finsihed peeing, I wiped like a good gurl, pulled the wet used pad out of my panties and put in a fresh pad. I pulled up my panties and then the pantyhose and admired my maxi pad buldge in the mirror. I love fun days with pads!!!
sissykarencd sissykarencd
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6 Responses Oct 17, 2011

i wear thin pads but will try thick pads

i wear thin pads but will try thick pads

I wear pads love stayfree all sizes but like you i like to slowly wet them like if i had my period i like to make the wetting last Tina

i always wear a pad whatever i'm doing but very much prefer those worn by a lady 1st so i can smell her scent on it and then later have a good **** in it when i change.

i have worn several pads at one time also. and yes the thicker the better

I love having a nice thick overnight pad in my panties. The bigger the pad the better.

ohh i love that too!! i even wear more than one pad at a time