I Like To Wear Kotex When I'm Tucked

I have had a curiosity about Kotex since I was little, but never explored with it until a few years ago. The first time I put one between my legs I just came all over myself and the pad, because of the erotic rush I felt all over my body. When I don't have any pads, I found that paper towels folded just right & lightly scented with baby powder works just wonderful! I like to make them thick enough so I can squirt just a little pee pee on them when I'm tucked, taped & feeling all woman inside. Do you think having my testicles up inside me this much has caused my body to take on female traits somehow? Like maybe they start to function like ovaries. The more I dabble in women's interests, the more intense the desire to be a woman.

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5 Responses May 19, 2012

i prefer to use a Tampax. I really enjoy that "full" feeling, and like to tug on the string too!!!.......Mmmm!!!

Love to *** in my pads too

So Lovely.

never been a fan of douches . cant see there appeal . but a good size thick pad preferably on a belt is sheer heaven.

for me kotex have really only been able to be the press on variety as the belted variety are no longer here in uk so i have to use ebay for them etc . i find any pad gives me that erotic rush if it has been previously used by a lady so her personal and very intimate scent is already on it whether it be from her monthly flow or just normal hormonal discharge