I Wear Stayfree Maxi Pads

I've been buying Stayfree maxipads and using them when I dress. I started a few years ago.  They do help to make me feel more feminine when I crossdress.  Last week CVS ran a buy one get one free sale in their stores.  So great to save money with
 a store coupon from Sunday's paper and get a second package for free.
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i also wear maxi pads(as well as tampons), have used kotex,always, stayfree,and now use poise,holds everything snug,and good for those unexpected dribbles

I just got my first package of Stayfrees ( haven't bought this brand for a long time!)...Stayfree Ultrathin Overnights with Wings....they are very nice! Extra long, giving me plenty of coverage front and back, and they have this "ThermoControl" that keeps you feeling cool, dry, and comfortable (instead of other pad's making you feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable!). They also have "Night Guard"...extra tabs at one end of the pad, with adhesive, to make that end of the pad wider, providing extra 'protection'. I think they are supposed to go in the back, but I'm finding out that they are nice in the front, giving my 'clittie' extra coverage.
Oh, Krogers had a 14 pack on sale for $2.99! Also, if you get on the Stayfree site: http://www.stayfree.com, you can get a $0.50 coupon!

Hi Amber, You should be in advertising!

I wear them along with shave my underarms and wearperfume around my mangina area every day Tina

Hi Tina, What fragrance do you use?

Ihave several depends on my mood glow or chanel#5 Do you wear perfume Tina

Yes I wear Avon's Amari

I use stayfree maxi's love them after i have sex with my boyfriend Tina

They do help you feel more feminine.

My boyfriend helps me feel more feminine also when he makes love to me

Giggles I do to..