My First Time Wearing Kotex

I start cross dressing at an early age and I've always enjoyed the feeling that I get from it. I didn't wear my first Kotex Until I was in my teens. A girlfriend of mine At the time Found out about my cross dressing To my surprise she liked it 1 day with her mother was at work And we were at the house. She asked me if I would dress up and help her clean I immediately said yes. She went into her mother's room Laid out a bra Panties Slip A garter belt and nylons To top it off She laid out a black silk dress.. I put them all on Walked out a living room. She was sitting on the couch She asked me to walk over Turn around and bend over. Sheep then played with my *** And down between my legs. She said that something was missing And I would find it in your mother's wastebasket In the bathroom. I went into her mother's bathroom Picked up the waste basket and put it on the counter And look inside. ICM look like 3 balls up toilet paper. At that time my girl from walked into the bathroom Told me to take them out Unwrap them And put on the wettest Kotex. Then she turned around and walked away. I didn't she asked It wasn't on believable feeling When I pull the panties up between my legs And I felt the wetness of a Kotex I got so hard and excited I started rubbing myself. After a few minutes I walk back out to the living room My girlfriend put her hands between my legs Felt for the Kotex When she felt it She said that I was complete. At that time we started cleaning the house. When we were done We sat on the couch And to my surprise She pulled my c*** out of the panties Took my c*** in her mouth As she robbed Her mother's Kotex between my legs I have been wearing them ever since The wetter the Kotex The more I enjoy it, I am A Extremely Submissive bisexual crossdresser Sometimes I can be a little s***
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Must have been in Heaven

Wonderful story. Must have been amazing to be wearing her mother's clothes and having her kotex in your panties.

Do you remember ever being caught putting Sanitary Towels in your undies or and wanking with them ?

Great story girlfriend, I hope you have many more chances to explore your femininity

Wow very hot story

Fabulous sweetie

you sweet little thing you,i love wearing kotex,loved the belt type but cant find them anymore