Love My Husband Wearing Lingerie And Heels

I love seeing my husband wearing lingerie and heels. I love seeing men with nice toned or muscular legs in nylons and heels. Men just have much more toned and muscular lower bodies than many of us woman and I love how stockings cling to ever toned part on a man. It turns me on so much to see and to feel a mans legs through stockings, and the best is when your both wearing stockings and you rub your legs together, oh that feels so good. More woman should be more open to seeing there man in things that accent his body, after all men just don't have the clothing choices us woman have, but yet they do, they can always wear our things. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2011

What a great read ...we should talk ....

We do it together. I asked him to one day and we talked about it and its history from there. At first it was just a pair of underwear. He doesnt wear lingerie cuz its way too expensive and thats a little overboard. But I asked him and told him it would be kinky for us and it would turn me on so he grabbed my undies and put em on and lemme just say, when he came out of the bedroom with his junk barely tucked in and falling out all sides, I immediately got wet. For some reason my man in a womans lace thong made me hott. The best part was when he saw me in my lingerie and heels, he started to get harder and harder I got to watch his **** slowly creep out of the top of MY panties. From there we talked about other things like sex toys and outfits and costumes and stuff like that but we both knew what we really wanted...and that was a pair of high heels for him.<br />
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If you read my stories, there are 2 different stories about how we got him heels and how he loves wearing em for me and how we BOTH love our dress up fantasie nights.<br />
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So yes, he loves wearing ladies panties and high heels for me because I ask and he gave. Its not easy to do that but he did cuz thats what we do. Sex is amazing the more you experiment!

That's awesome ! My love for wearing panties and high heels came from a dare from my gf. She knew of my fetish for hosiery,panties and heels from the day we met. One day we were going out to the fish and game club that we belong to and she dared me to wear a pair of her crotchless butterfly panties to the club. It didn't take me but a second to put them on strut around for her. From then on I've worn nothing but panties every day ! That was eight years ago. I now have an extensive collection of panties,hosiery and high heels. When we go out we always wear the same style and color panties and hosiery. And the sex is awesome !!!

Sex is fantastic when you are both wearing matching lingerie, nylons and HIGH heels

i wear a dress regularly with tights and a small padded bra even at work under my jeans or trackie bottoms, i just love it it feels comfortable nothing sexual about it and my wife loves it so much she even buys me stuff when we go out shopping i have a pair of 3.5" heels she loves me to wear but again only in the house for them as she worries what people will say in our area. we even go for makeup too nothing showy just plain flesh tone lipstick and a little eyeliner.