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Im wearing pink vanity fair ravissant panties as I write this they are one of my faves along with shadowline panties
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8 Responses May 13, 2012

I love my Vanity Fair panties. Love the full cut nylon briefs, it is so exciting feeling the nylon rub all over my bottom and sissy parts.

I like VF also. I get so hard when I wear them!!!

Vanity Fair are still my all time favorite panties!

me, too!

Do they have any kijd of lace or shadow panels on them?

It's nice to be a sissy isn't it???

You would love to wear a vintage pair of Vanity Fair 15003 Diaphanique panties. i have dozens of them, many with the tags. Silkiest panty that VF made since the 60s.

Me too