I Love To Wear Ladies Nylon Full Cut Brief Panties"

I love to wear ladies full cut nylon briefs or high waist nylon panties.
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There is just something very special about full cut panties!

Lovely, Silky full cut Panties....Ohhhhhhhhh...I LOVE them. The only panty I wear, and sometimes more than one pair. And what a special feeling to wear these silky panties under slips and nighties. Love them.

A wonderful choice.

Yes...so wonderful. It's just so wonderful to dress up like a girl and to wear lovely silky frilly panties and pretty slips and nighties. Hugs...Brenda


Recently I got a few pairs of the Vanity Fair Cool Comfort briefs with the lace applique on the side. Let me tell you, they are WONDERFUL! Try them, you will love them

Will have to look for them. Thank-you.

Full cut nylon briefs are my favorite panty to wear. More material to feel good against the skin. I find they feel good with a skirt, dress, or pants, and are especially comfie under jeans.

I agree with you Nita.

Oh and the lacy slips and girdles too.

Are you well-endowed or small down there? Tucking back is easier if it is a small one.

More like average. I do agree with you, hun.

Nothing wrong with wearing full panties. There is more room for a guy and they are really silkier too. Most women I know wear the hip hugger full panty for more comfort. I like them too, but don't really care what brand they are as long as they are silky.

The extra room is nice to have. The nylon panties do feel so nice.

I have not seen any VF Lace Nouveau or Ravissant briefs in a floral print for quite a whilen now. Bummer. Even some of the colors are getting hard to find. White, fawn and black are generally available but i had to search to get a pair of aqua Lace Nouveau briefs. I've had some really nice floral prints that I've had to purge. VF has also discontinued the little tag sewn to the side seam and instead they have stenciled the product information on the back of the panty. Some folks may be a fan of tagless but I for one, like my little VF tag.

I don't recall seeing the print patterns lately either. And you are right about tagless. Many brands have gone tagless.

Do you have a favorite brand or style of panties or do you like a variety? I tend to stick with Vanity Fair pantes for the most part - either the Lace Nouveau or the Ravissant but I think I will bu a few pair of the Cool Comfort for some variety. I also like Bali Freeform, Dixie Belle (when I can find them) and even more rare - Shadowline. Bali Skimp-Skamps are OK but I am not a big fan if the seam up the back. Warner's used to have a nice brief as well.

Probably a variety. I try to catch the sales and wear different styles and colored panties.

I love my Vanity Fair briefs. I like the Lace Nouveau style the best with the lace panels at the legs. Ravissant briefss are a good second choice to provide a little variet in color. I cannot buy anything on line but I find that shopping in stores such as JCP or Sears, i will find some nice prints that are not always advertised on line.

Really? I've only seen the solid colos in the stores. I do enjoy shopping in the stores for lingerie.

I bought most of my VF panties in the Kohl's store and a few at JCP. I have bought a few pretty ones with flowers on line, that were not available in the stores. It's always fun to shop for more. I even shop for my wife sometimes.

The nylon VF panties I've seen at JC Penney's have been solid colors. The flowered once must be lovely. Which online site did you find them on?

Same here...only VF full nylon panties for me. They look and feel the best.

Do you buy your VF panties in the store?

I guess that I should have used the reply button...still learning my way around this site. How about you, jml2000, where do you get your VF panties? It is always nice to find a sale and or different styles and colors.

Hi Nita, I like to shop enfemme at JC Penney for VF panties.

the first lingerie shopping trip I ever made myself was to jc penney! the lady was so understanding and helpful, I felt very good and comfortable. and yes I told her the truth

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