Funny Thing Happened On The Way To A Party

Gotta go home for Christmas. I bougth some jeans that just did not feel right but the salesgal told I looked really good. To me, they felt really constrictive in the crotch area. I tried to tell the saleslady in a diplomatic way they were binding. she brought a larger size and they were too big around the waist. As we talked I finally told her I rarely wear the thick boxer/briefs I was wearing. (I had not planned to try on jeans. Normally I wear my panties when I try on clothes. ) As we were talking about the fit her eyes lit up and she said just a moment. I waited and the next thing I know some high cut panties were tossed into my dressing room. Ithen tried on the jeans and they felt good. (May have been the panties) As I told her that was what I neede she laughed and said "Get dressed and come on out". I came out and the sales gal and a friend from the women' lingirie was standing there smiling. I was told to go with the lingerie lady and we bought panties, camis, and a couple of teddies. What fun. I will see them when i get home from the holidays.
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Very cute made me smile.

love this story! :)