Latex Embarrassment Part 2

A few years after the previous embarrassment when I had very much more experience with various latex garments, I went out for a walk in the local hills wearing a favourite pair of transparent sheath pants under my trousers and under the pants I had put on a triple cockring which of course kept my scrotum, p*nis and all my equipment in a nice tight harness inside my sheath pants.

All was well with the sheath swinging to and fro and the latex clinging to my perspiring body and my buttocks feeling like they were being clamped lovingly in tight rubber when, in a moment's inattention, I slipped and twisted my knee very badly.

Some other walkers in the area 'phoned for an ambulance and helped almost carry me to the nearest point to which the and ambulance could get and I was taken to the 'Accient & Emergency' department of our local hospital.

The first thing the triage nurse did was to remove my trousers which of course revealed me in my cockring and rubbers to my utter embarrassment which was slightly appeased by the nurse 'pretending' not to see anything unusual! Unfortunately the more I tried to forget my predicament, the more the exposure in latex knickers got to me and I inevitably developed an erecti*n in the sheath which in no way remained hidden.

The knee damage was confined to ligaments and so the joint was bandaged with crepe bandages and all the time this was being done I was still displaying my masculinity to the full and eventually the nurse who was doing the bandaging in the treatment room said "would you like something done about that" pointing to my erecti*n, and without further ado she locked the treatment room door and proceed to masturb*te me into my latex sheath with so much care and skill, saying that in all her nursing career she had never w*ank*d a patient in a rubber sheath, just her boyfriends when in a condom. She really was an angel.

Don't ever say anything derogatory about nurses !!!!

FOOTNOTE:-  At the time of adding this footnote (Jan 4th) this story had been read by 101 people of which only 1 had added a comment. I do hope that readers get pleasure from reading about my activities and it would be very encouraging if more could say something, even such remarks as 'disgusting', 'I can do that', 'don't believe you', 'liar' or 'perverted old wa*nke*er would suffice as it would at least impel me to greater efforts.  PLEASE !!!
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Well it does sound a little far fetched.

no, I won't ever say anything derogatory about nurses after reading that story. It is almost incredible, but an example of how much kindness there is left in the world.