Latex Embarrassment Part 3

Having enjoyed the thrill and excitement of latex over the years, I graduated to wearing, on occasions, latex briefs with an attached butt plug which not only stimulated my prostate but also gave me a feeling of extreme contentment and excitement.

I also used to wear them as swimming trunks at our local pool as the leg movements in swimming breast stroke made the butt plug pump in and out which gave a thrill and sensation beyond description.

In ordinary circumstances, the briefs were no different from ordinary swimming trunks apart from the material from which they were made and the latex hardly differed from nylon in appearance anyway so no-one had ever made comment about my wearing them.

After a swim one day last year I must have fallen asleep when sunbathing face down on my towel, and I can only assume that because of the lubrication the pumping action on the butt plug had had, caused it to be popped out of its previous well hidden location and was lying in full silhouette with its shape apparent to all, across one of my buttocks.

I was awakened by a very young child yelling to its Mum "that man has done a poo in his pants" and hoards of people had gathered around as a result of the shouting and were staring at the bulge in the back of my latex briefs!!!

I made no attempt to re-insert the butt plug as it was quite large and took some manipulating to get it fully in place anyway, so just had to wrap my towel around me and make for the changing room at top speed.

My embarrassment was such that I didn't go back to the pool for ages (although I did of course continue to enjoy the thrill of the butt plug very many more times after that both by day and night)

Having recounted these happenings to me while enjoying the extreme pleasures of latex in all its forms, I really would like to hear from others, not only of embarrassing moments, but also of the joys in company or in solitude that lovely, thin, clinging and gripping latex can bring to lovers of the delights of LATEX.

At the time of adding this footnote (Jan 4th) none of the 121 readers of this story had commented on it so I'm not sure if it gives pleasure to readers to learn of my activities, and it would be encouraging to receive remarks even such as 'disgusting', 'I can do that', 'don't believe you', 'liar' or 'perverted old wa*nke*r' which would impel me to greater efforts.  PLEASE !!!

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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

As a life long latex pants and or briefs, bloomers and so forth, I have worn, when out and about, as many different combo's and arrangements of latex, nylon, and plastic pants, and even one time I tried a plug under my rubber pants after admistering a small one quart enema and thinking I was going for a walk, wow, what a surprise, about ten minutes out into my walk it popped and so did all the water, I had to find a way back home a way no one would see me, don't know if any one did or didn't notice, that was the last time for me, the public doesn't need to know what I enjoy or don't enjoy, and the fantasy in my head of being "forced" to do this by my Dom big sister went away. Well at least that part did.
Still like the fantasy of a naughty boy being spanked OTK wearing latex briefs as this happened to me when young.
Also have this fantasy where I like seeing a great bottom on a young lady wearing latex panites and getting a brisk spanking, "No No Nah NO" shes yelling as her bottom cheeks are getting redder then the pink rubber panties she wearing.
Of course she secretly enjoying it, as hand reaches under her and rubs hers sex and things are slippery wet, their.