Latex Embarrassment Part 4

I thought long and hard before telling you all about my early life, but here goes anyway.

When I was about 11 or 12 I was always provided with what were referred to as 'protectors' to wear under my pylamas when I went to bed but was never told why.!

They consisted of a pad (what today would be referred to today as 'panty-liners') which I had to place on top of open plastic pants before sitting on them and pulling the front and back flaps up to my waist and fixing them together with the poppers at the side. As they looked like the waterproof covering of babies' nappies and diapers I presumed I had to wear them as I sometimes woke up damp and presumed I had wet myself during the night. I now know that I was being introduced to sex by having wet dreams but didn't have any knowledge of such matters at that time other than that I sometimes woke up with my p*nis enlarged and if I played with myself I would get a lovely 'stiffy'!!

At about that time I was sent to boarding school but not with any 'protectors' so I just went to bed in the dormitory wearing pyjamas like the rest of the boys and often I'd wake up with damp patches on my clothes and the bedding which unfortunately the laundry maid who looked after such things for us must have reported to Matron as I was sent for and told in no uncertain terms to stop abusing myself and making a mess everywhere otherwise I would have to wear 'rubbers' and would be caned if I persisted in the practice.

I had no idea what she was talking about so inevitably the stains and mess continued to appear some mornings which meant being hauled up in front of Matron once again and being presented with a pair of transparent latex knickers with strict instructions to wear them every night, and she even came around most nights and required me to drop my pyjama trousers and show her (and all my pals) that I had the latex pants on. This was so embarrassing especially as the act of pulling up the rubber knickers often produced a 'stiffy' for me which meant that everyone could see my erection and I was nicknamed 'w*ank*er in consequence.

Needless to say the wearing of latex pants only made my 'cummi*g' in the night even worse and as I loved the feel of the latex against my skin I soon learnt to fondle myself in the knickers and enjoy the delights of solitary masturbati*n. This also must have got reported back to Matron who carried out her caning threat by making me put the 'rubbers' back on and bend over and touch my toes and receive 6 strokes of the cane on my latex clad buttocks. My pals sympathised with me and inspected my 'scars of battle' on my bum and admired my bravery in not crying when being spanked.

Having seen the effect that the latex pants had in producing my erec*ions lots of the other boys begged to borrow them and to w*nk into them which increased my popularity in the 'dorm' and wanki*g became a routine so much so that 'Group' masturbat*on was organised some days in the shower room when 5 or six boys would stand in a circle and wa*k the lad on their right as most were right-handed. This became very competitive and it was the thing to see who could hold out the longest and be the last one to shoot his load!! Some lads became very ingenious in achieving this feat by employing such tricks as smearing their right hand with vaseline and I defy anyone to hold out at all long when being masturbat*d with such a warm slippery hand!! Such was life at prep school.

I was wary about recounting the details of this era of my life as it features matters concerning plastic pants, wet dreams, latex knickers, just how cruel boys can be to one another, spanking and group masturbat*on but in the end consulted my wife who was of the opinion that others might enjoy hearing about it as much as she had.

The 4 latex experiences all happened long before I met my wife and she is very understanding about my recounting my stories for the enjoyment of others so much so that she has developed a fetish for latex herself (with a bit of persuasion from me!!) and we are contemplating revealing some of our latex antics together but have yet to get the courage up to do so without too much embarrassment to ourselves and wonder if it really would be of interest to others. What do you think???


At the time of writing this footnote (January 3rd) this story had been read by 158 people but only 2 had added any comment to it.  I do hope that readers get pleasure out of reading about my activities and it would be encouraging if more would say something. Even remarks such as 'disgusting',  'I can do that!', 'don't believe you', 'impossible', 'liar' or 'perverted old w*ank*er' would suffice, at least it would be some form of response which would  impel me to greater efforts - PLEASE.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

The love of latex is a forever feeling. I for one have had the love of latex rubber since I was about 8 or a little older. I found out about latex via the erections that latex rubber gloves produced each and every time that I put the gloves on. Then I touched, and I do mean JUST touched a Playtex@ rubber Pink Ice Girdle, that was on desplay in the Paris department store in SLC, Ut. and I was hocked for evermore. I still dream about the Playtex girdles and have bid on several via the internet, but the cost goes way out of my range. I still remember the smell of those girdles. I wear latex every time I get a chance and am at the present setting in a Yellow full lenght latex dress. I also have on a male urinal with a long leg bag and I am in heaven. My wife knows ALL about my fetish and she does not participate with me but has stated during our 24 years of marrage that it is ok with her that I wear rubber but she does not find it stimulating. She also has put on latex multiple times so that we can play, but it is only for me and so I don't push her to wear latex. Just the word RUBBER sets me off and when you put LATEX with RUBBER I get a wonderful feeling. I love reading all about others that like, love, admire, wear, etc., etc. If you wish to continue this dialogue please contact me at I will try to respond anytime you send me a note. Latex1937 Where do I find "Latex Embarrassments" I would love to read them.

I love rubber too and try to wear at leas some all the time. I love the feeling of an all rubber male urinal which I wear with Fetware rubber pants and often with white rubber bloomers on top. I am not married so that rubber for me is the love of my life.

Oh yes please, I for one would love to read about your experiences in latex