Latex Embarrassment Part 5

This episode was not so much an embarrassment to my self but to my wife but she has agreed to my recounting it as it tells how she found out about my liking for latex and how she was introduced into it.

Before our marriage I, like most other boys I suppose, had experimented with latex, plastic and rubber etc., and whilst enjoying them all in their own way, never really developed an absolute passion for any one of them until one night, when rolling on a condom, my wife looked intently at my face and said "why do you enjoy that so much - I can see it in your eyes?" I replied that it was the excitement of what was to come with her (if you'll excuse the pun) and the feeling the latex gave to me because the internal diameter of the sheath was a lot smaller than my swollen organ and it felt just like the tight grip she had on me when tensing her abdominal muscles when we climaxed together.

After our moments of extreme passion she told me about a student 'outrageous' rag for charity when she was up at University and one of the lads had worn a pair of rubber pants with an attached sheath but had kept himself well strapped up inside them and had not tried to penetrate the sheath for fear of causing great offence and being charged with public indecency, and the sheath just hung limply down all the time, and after the initial 'oooooh's and aaaaaah's nobody took much notice thereafter and "I was wondering" she said " if you would like a pair like that". "Possibly" I answered as non-committably as I could manage and as the weeks went by, thought little about it.

Ever since I had known her , she always had a passion for all things satin and apart from satin underwear had provided satin bed-linen which we both found very sensuous and on my birthday she handed me a present saying "I took a chance and bought you these" and I then unwrapped a pair of see-through rubber sheath pants and she said she thought it only fair to indulge my obvious liking for rubber as she had herself for satin. She had apparently been up to a sex shop in the Soho district of London for them and the assistant told her about moulded rubber garments which, although they could be made with more contours being moulded whereas bespoke garments could be made from much thinner material although the seams had to be glued. She had chosen moulded ones for me as they had a shaped ball-bag under the sheath and she knew I liked my testicles to 'dangle' before being drawn up into my abdomen after climaxing. The assistant also said that I could possibly get into the sheath if my p*nis was flaccid, but I would need a lubricant if I had a 'hard-on' and that water-based lubricant was better as it didn't harm the rubber.

"Try them on then" she said so I took my trousers and pants down and began to pull the 'rubbers' on and of course got an immediate erecti*n so she hooked a finger into the waistband of my new knickers and squirted some lubricant straight into the sheath into which I quickly slipped my throbbing organ with rampant anticipation. She pushed me down onto a chair, and lifted up her skirt revealing nothing but a red satin G-string with a beautifully strategically placed hole in the front and slowly lowered herself onto my lap whilst facing me and taking my manhood right up into her. "It's lucky I lubricated myself" she said "and anticipated your reaction"
We then undressed and took a shower together but before I could get out of the sheath pants she said "please let me see you wet yourself in them as they look like incontinence pants so lets see if they're waterproof!!" Being excited at the idea, I let myself slowly fill the pants until the warm p*iss reached its maximim level when she again hooked a finger into a leg opening and let it all gush away. "I liked watching you empty your bladder she said "but please don't ever empty your bowels in those knickers"

We used the pants in bed on quite a few occasions and she knew that I always took them with me when my job took me away to a distant site on the odd rare occasion and I suppose she guessed I w*nked into them when we were apart. On her birthday 3 months later i gave her a present saying "I took a chance on getting these for you as well, but I thought you might like them to remind you of me when I'm away" and she then unwrapped a pair of shiny black dil*do pants with a 5"- 6" insertion. She didn't take to them immediately and I said the same shop assistant had told me the same about lubricants and the need for their use when trying to insert the artificial p*nis.

I think she did use them when I was away as there was always signs of talcum powder on the bedspread which she must have used after washing them out. She in fact had used them a lot as she confessed to me when telling me of her ultimate embarrassing moment. She had gone to bed one night when I was away and had a really exciting and lengthy session in the knickers and, being so knack*r*d, had fallen asleep in them. Not only that but she overslept very badly the next morning which was the one day she had to be early for her regular keep-fit session at the local gymnasium.
In her haste she put on her track-suit bottoms and a T shirt, combed her hair and fled to the 'gym', getting there with all her friends just in time but totally forgetting about the d*ldo inside her.

She soon found out when they started the aerobic exercises and the physical movements which pumped the d*ildo in and out raising her to an extreme state of sexual excitement which she could only contain for so long before reaching an enormous org*sm just before (fortunately) the end of the session. In the changing room her friends crowded around asking if she was O.K and saying they had never seen so glassy-eyed and out of breath!!! Now comes the embarrassment as there was no way of showering without revealing the latex knickers which she had to do and in so doing had to slip the 6" d*ildo slowly out and let the following juices trickle down her legs. "Why on earth did you do that" and "How did you manage to take in all 6 inches" were some of the questions asked, and one of her more adventurous even asked "please tell me where I can get some pants like that". After that episode, my wife is far less reserved now when it comes to wearing, and discussing, latex and rubber clothing in general and she has even acquired some latex pillow-cases for our bed - but more about that sort of thing another time if she will agree to me divulging it and if anyone would be interested.

FOOTNOTE:-  At the time of adding this footnote (Jan 4th) this story had been read by 132 people but only 3 had added any comment to it.  I do hope that readers get pleasure from reading about my activities and it would be encouraging if more would say something, even remarks such as 'disgusting', 'I can do that', 'don't believe you', 'liar' or 'perverted old wa*nke*r would be some form of response which would impel me to greater efforts.  PLEASE !!!!
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How about getting her a pair of pants with triple dildoes: two internal for her and one external to use on you?

Very hot! I am gay and my Boyfriend and I both have a huge latex fetish. We love full coverage in rubber and always wear footed, gloved and sometimes hooded latex catsuits for sex!!!

Being a Bottom, I also often wear a suit that has an attached **** and ball sheath, but my Lover just lets his stick out through the opening in the front of his suit and takes me bareback.

I love rubber sex!!!


Nice story, I loved it

That was an exciting story indeed! you are fortunate to have such an understanding wife who is willing to try new things. I for one would enjoy reading more about your adventures with latex.