Latex Embarrassment Part 6

This is not so much a separate story but an addition to Latex embarrassment Part 5. After opening my birthday present when I was given a lovely pair of  exciting and beautiful see-through rubber sheath briefs, I just had to confess to my wife that I had previously worn latex 'rubbers' which was why I was so grateful for the gift and responded to it by getting an ere*c*tion and that I had been too scared to tell her of my liking before as she might think me disgusting and perverted.

"You're not going to believe this" she said "but thats the exact reason why I haven't told you about me wetting myself"!!! She went on to tell me about how she fantasized about her babyhood and had bought a pair of plastic knickers which rustled beautifully when she walked about in them, but not too often as the sounds might give her secrets away. She more often wore them in bed and occasionally stood in the bath and wet herself slowly into them and sometimes thought about doing a poo in them but never did in fear of being discovered doing it or even washing out the mess from the pants by her parents or one of her sisters. and the shame of being discovered. She had never worn 'rubbers' however the nearest she ever got was when her Mum got her a rubberised panty-girdle when she firsr started wearing stockings. The girdle was made from some elasticated spandex type material and was exciting for her to wear as it was a skin-tight form fitting garment which made her feel secure. She did get rid of the plastic pants when she suspected that someone had discovered them hidden in the back of her underwear drawer

This all explained why she wanted to see me wet myself in the sheath pants as she had never seen a man do it before although she continued to wet herself a few times by standing in the shower with the door open and watching herself in the opposite wall mirror when she would slowly trickle into her satin panties and eagerly watch the stain slowly creep from just below her tummy down into her crutch.
At the time of adding this footnote (Jan 4th) this story had been read by 82 people but nobody has added any comment to it.  I do hope that readers get pleasure out of reading about my activities and it would be encouraging if more would say something.  Even remarks such as 'disgusting', 'I can do that', 'don't believe you', 'liar' or 'perverted old wa*nke*r' would suffice - at least it would be some form of response which would impel me greater efforts.  PLEASE !!!!

After these confessions to each other, which certainly cleared the air, I continued to enjoy latex 'rubbers' far more openly than I had dared hope for and she continued to pi*ss in her knickers, with me watching of course, so we were both happy with that particular arrangement.
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Dec 11, 2012