Caught Out In 'rubbers'

I kept an appointment with the nurse/practitioner for an annual check-up clean forgetting that I had latex pants on as I habitually wear them and hardly notice them because I've worn 'rubbers' for so many years.
The problem came when she said "st*rip down to your pants" for weighing and other tests, and I started to take of my shirt and trousers before suddenly remembering I'd got my latex knickers on. There was nothing else to do other than to 'brave' it out and stand in front of her in my red rubber pants.

Fortunately I did not get aroused otherwise it would have been even more embarrassing but I'm sure the colour of my face must have matched the pants. The nurse was nice enough not to make any unkind comments although I'll never forget the looks she gave me and the (accidental) pat on the bottom when she said "you can get dressed again now"
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I too have been caught out by both a doctor and a nurse in just my rubbers. I was caring for a friend at his house after an operation and I slept in his spare bed, in just my rubbers, to protect his bed from my usual post toilet dribbling. One night a doctor arrived extremely late and I had to get up to answer the door to him in my rubbers. Another morning a nurse arrived very early and I had to do the same for her. I felt so self-conscious, not a nice sight, with my man-boobs and a belly sagging over the waistband of my cream rubber knickers. Neither commented, they'd seen it all before but to my friend, who hadn't, it took some explaining. Having done so I didn't bother to hide them. I'd breakfast with him in them, do household chores and even answer the door to the postman and his other callers in them. I was almost sorry when he got better and it was time for me to leave.

Five years on from the experience described above, I find myself looking after the same friend again, he having broken his arm and unable to do anything without help. Other than insisting, as he knows my dribbling has got worse over the years, that I wear my rubber pants while I use his guest bed, he never comments when he sees me in them so I can relax around him wearing nothing but my rubber pants. When I see white coated visitor through the glass door I always assume they're nurses, physiotherapists or similar, so I answer the door just in my "rubbers" but once the white-coat visitor was my friend's butcher with a meat delivery! He made no comment, though I didn't let my friend know he'd seen me in my rubber pants.

Brilliant :) red rubber pants ! Most of mine are black but even so I die if I was faced with your situation michrub