Latex Sex

I love to wear latex!  I don't know why it turns me on so.  I know that there are probably as many reasons for this fetish as there are people who like latex.  Some people may just think it is sexy as fashion wear, or they like the way it feels.  Maybe they like the second skin feel or it in some way is appealing  to for bondage reasons.  I have to admit to all these reasons, although bondage does not really excite me, but there is more to it than these reasons for me.  For some reason the feel of latex next to my skin excites me sexually just for the simple fact that it is latex. and it has my whole life.Sex is always great and I could enjoy it without latex, but why would I want to when I can have both?

The first time I had sex with another man we were both dressed head to toe in thin stretchy footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuits.  The feel of my latex covered body rubbing and squeaking against his while he took me from behind was such an incredible turn on and I have never had sex without latex since.
Latexrick Latexrick
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

That is so hot

Don't worry about it, treat it as a blessing and enjoy.