Queen Of Chiffon

I like to think of myself as "The Queen of Chiffon" I consider my sleep wear to be outfits. All of the gown sets I wear have at least 1 layer of chiffon. Chiffon is the most delicate of all fabrics in a feminine wardrobe.

I love buying sheer gowns and then mix and match them with satin gowns I wear under them. I can create endless combinations. I also like to wear chiffon jackets which add another beautiful and fluffy layer to my gown sets. I also own 100's of vintage layered gowns which I love too. They always have such pretty lace hems and botices.

If you check out my pictures and videos you will rarely ever see me without at least one layer of chiffon on. The feel of chiffon over satin or nylon is just so fantastic not to mention how feminine and girly it makes you feel.

They need to bring back chiffon and layered gowns. If the girls don't want to wear them I'm sure a lot of men will.
silkydrawers silkydrawers
2 Responses May 24, 2012

Hi "Silkydrawers" Refering to your last sentence " I'm sure you are right, a lot of men sure would.. Nice letter I have seen your photo's and video's ther'e great..When is your next lot...????

You are right we need la<x>yered chiffon gowns, wonderful.