Made To Wear Mackintoshes.

When I met my girlfriend (later to be my wife) in the late 1960's, my main outerwear was a pullover type anorak. My girlfriend used to wear a more normal zip-up anorak, sometimes with the hood up. As the weather got colder (we met in the late summer) she would insist that I wore my hood up, and later that I wore a nylon mac over the anorak. Within months I was going to visit her on my bike, in rubberised cotton trousers over ordinary trousers and wellington boots, my anorak and nylon mac, with my face covered in a wool scarf. By the time we got married some three years later, I was wearing a gaberdine mac instead of the nylon one, always buttoned to the neck, over my anorak for most of the year.
For going to work I had to wear another gaberdine mac, like my cycling mac it was bought from an army surplus store, and was an American double breasted coat, top buttoned and belted always. My wife would check each morning that I was fully buttoned up, and would always fasten my top button for me as I always left it undone. Once she had done that, of course, it meant that I had to wear the coat fully top buttoned to work, home again, and if I went out at any point during the day.
At weekends we would often go walking somewhere, usually by the sea if possible, and would always dress in our anoraks and macs. My wife took to wearing her old school gaberdine mac for these trips and sometimes wore the hood up over her anorak hood. Except in summer we always wore wellingtons, and I always had to wear my rubberised trousers - though my wife rarely wore overtrousers except when it was actually raining.
Some years after our marriage we moved to another part of England, following my job. My wife was not very happy with the move at first, though she admitted later that it had been a good thing. When we first moved, she took her revenge by pushing my mac wearing to a new level. Two or three times a week she would send me out in the evening to the local library or on some other errand, and as usual would hold my mac for me to put on. Although it was summer I still had to wear my tie, a jumper and my jacket for work under a gaberdine mac. The same was true for the evenings, except when I went to the library. She had managed to join the library about a mile from home, and had persuaded the librarian that she needed various fairly obscure books for a research project. She said that her husband would collect them, and actually managed to get the library lady to invite me into the office, take my coat off and have a cup of tea while she checked to find the book. Sometimes it was not there, so my trip was wasted, but the idea was to send me out as much as possible in my fully buttoned mac, often with a vinyl or nylon overmac over my arm. It was quite a warm dry summer and so rain was not expected. If I had annoyed her for some reason, her revenge was sweet. She would take me into the hall, take her own school gaberdine mac and unbutton the hood before holding it out for me to put on instead onf my jacket. She would then button it up (left had side, ladies style) and belt it before holding my own gaberdine to put on. I think on those occasions she must have phoned the library lady beforehand to brief her, as when I arrived I would be ushered into the office, told to take my coat off, and then she would say "Oh, you're wearing an extra one. You'd better take that one off too or you won't feel the benefit of it when you go out!" When it was time to leave she would say something like "Oh you're wearing two coats tonight aren't you. Which one goes first? Oh yes, the brown one. Gosh, isn't it warm? It looks like a school one. Is it your old school one? It's an unusual colour for a boys school, isn't it." Each time I told her it wasn't mine but my wife's, but she seemd to "forget" each time.
Shortly after that I got my first motorbike, for travelling to work on and my wife was very dominant about what i wore to ride that - but that's another story.

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Before I got married also in the late 60's, I met and nearly married a young lady, I had met where I worked as a stores supervisor, and she was the store managers secretary, I went out with her after we went to the companies annual christmas dance, held in the stores canteen, we ended up in the store room naked, but I noticed that she was wearing long plastic pantaloons with a large pad, she said that she had womens problems, she insisted that I touched her through the silky pvc, when we had finished she invitd me to go home with her, on the way to her home I told her that I had to wear a pad and pants every night as, I had Nocturnal Enuresis, she laughed and said thats what I have as well, she said I could borrow a pair of her pants and pad for the night, we had the best night ever just wearing pvc pants, she was on the birth pill, so no condoms to wear, she told me the next morning to put on a pair of light pink plastic pants under my Y fronts, and go to work in them for the day, I went home in my car and picked up some clothes to wear and some of my plastic pants and my pads, my mother said dont get her into trouble shes a lovely girl, we stayed together for about six months, and she made me wear my plastic pants and pad as soon as I got in, then go and lay on the bed and she would come in dressed as a nurse dressed in a pvc outfit, she would sunk my penis through the plastic pants, and I would suck her large breasts through the nurses apron, we would go out when it rained, in our pvc macs, she wore a baby pink mac and I wore a baby blue mac both had zip up hoods, I would be made to wear a pair of baby blue pvc overtrousers over a pair of plastic pants with a pad, she would do the same, I cant think what would have happened if we had got caught wearing them, but we only did it at night if it rained hard, we would always end up in a pvc heap inside some bushes, and have the best sex ever, she had to go into hospital for a major operation, to remove Cancer from her Bladder, she recovered but ask me not to see her again as she said they had left her looking ugly with all the scars I ledft her and returned home, afew months later I met my wife who I didnt think was into plastic, so I told her about my night time problem, she said if it doesnt interfere with our sex life then she didnt mind, we went on our honeymoon and after afew drinks in the bar in the hotel we retired to our bedroom, she went into the bathroom to put her nighty on and I got ready in the bedroom, she turned the light out and got into bed, she said the condoms are on your side of the bed, I bought Durex Featherlite condoms as the gossemer ones are horrible and to thick, as I got in the bed she said, just put your plastic pants on leave your pad on the chair, we started to kiss I soon found out she was completely nude except for a pair of silk pants, they felt lovely she was fondling my penis which was quite hard by now I put my hand down the front of her pants, and realised that they were plastic pants she had on, I said I didnt know you like to wear plastic pants she said I have always loved to wear them but I couldnt say anything in case you wouldnt want me too, so I fondled her through her plastic pants, we have had a fantastic marriage 47 years so far, and we still wear plastic and rubber to bed, we have quite a wardrobe full of pvc and rubber clothes.

I think your wife should make your wear a girls mackintosh at all times you would love it.<br />
Well i would anyway Bev

Hi rainweargirl8, My wife as always been in to plastic and rubber clothing, but she wont wear anything made of blue or any coloured gaberdine macs, there isnt any rubber lining for start, we bought some time ago whilst in scotland, a mac made from nylon outer with a thick coating of pink or white lining, when we went into the shop, the smell from the macs nearly knocked us over, the lady owner of the shop, said she as orders from all over GB, we have one mac each as they were very expensive, we have a lot of fun wearing them over the years, I still like my two piece walking suits, they are made from medical grade pvc and have a zip from waist upto the hood, and the trousers are double stiched at the croutch to stop them splitting, they are see through white, so if worn around the house I can wear my pads without my pvc pants on, she locked me outside our bungalow last time we were on holiday in scotland, I gbot quite afew looks from passing motorists, Happy Days..