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 hello I am a minority I have two fetishes firstly my main fetish is huge boobs my second is to wear a rubber lined mackintosh,I think my fetishes happened at the same time I was fourteen at the time I was in my fathers garage and he had an old trunk there where he kept his workwear,as I was rumaging through the trunk I came upon a black shiny mac all rubber with rubber buttons and belt,well as I looked at the mac the first thing that hit me was the aroma it gave off the second was how it rustled as I moved it but I had to try it on even though it was for a much bigger person the aroma and the rustle was a real turn on,as I moved so it rustled more it was at this point that my eyes found my second but first now a magazine about huge breasts,I would love to see my fetish in a rubber mackintosh,I can only tell you how I got into my fetishes and as I sit here wearing my mackintosh I am dreaming of a huge breasted woman wearing a black shiny rubber mac,I hope I dont offend anyone as it is not intended yours,mike.  

mikesmac mikesmac 56-60, M 3 Responses Nov 21, 2009

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I like the sound, the look and touch of a shiny black rubber mackintosh.<br />
I love to wear my mackintosh and see other people wearing them

Hi Mike<br />
<br />
Is there anything wrong in someone having a "fetish" or in your case more than one<br />
<br />
I have a fetish...a longtime one...started at the tender age of five<br />
<br />
The wear a ladies mackintosh...I have ladies mackintoshes from nylon to the sexy looking Trenchcoats<br />
<br />
Regards<br />
<br />
Peter<br />
<br />
I wear them so much indoors<br />
<br />
Hope no one reading this will be offended if I disclose I have met various persons in mackintoshes<br />
<br />
We all have a life to live and enjoy it<br />
<br />
I do....wearing mackintoshes...meeting others with the same interest

Hi Mike, just like you I find the aroma of a rubber mackintosh a huge turn on and also the sound it makes when you move. I wear mine as often as possible together with thigh length rubber waders. I associate mackintoshes and waders with motorbikes so I have to include goggles and rubber gloves. The big question is what do you do then ?? You are not offending anybody. On the contrary.<br />
Enjoy Greetings Rubberider