Wearing Moms Thong

Growing up I would frequently wear my mom's silkiest pink satin thong panties and stroke myself in the mirror. As soon as mom would leave for work or go to the store I was running for either the hamper or her panties drawer to rummage through it to find a satin thong to wear. Just knowing she would be leaving the house soon would get me so excited and shaking at the thought of being able to play in her thong. Her thong fit me so well and I enjoyed many many times with all of her thongs and other types of panties she wore also but her satin thongs were my favorite. I even slept in her thong a few times, I did not get much sleep those nights and would try and hold off ******* for as long as I could, lettng it build build, I would often lay on my stomach and just breathing in would be enough for the fabric to move agasint me enough to keep my excited and even enough sometimes to make me ***. Often I would lay on my stomach and slide slowly up and down against my bed and then take a few minutes to cool off and then do it again, this would last for hours and late into the night before I would finally ***. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Mar 23, 2011

I can only imagine how horny you must have felt… Did you leak lots of slippery wetness into her panties while he was sliding around in them?