Step Moms Underwear

my step mom is 5'8" in height, long legs, 34D bra size, size 10 underwear and blonde hair..
when there was no one home i used to sneak into her room, go to her dirty clothes hamper and get a pair of her used panties. i would then go to my room and try them on, sometimes lick them and sniff the part where her private area would be. i could only last five minutes before i got a super hard on and had to pleasure myself. this went on for a while....
after a while i used to go to her underwear drawer and get a pair of her panties, if i was home alone i would ***** in her room, put on her panties and a bra. then i would climb onto her bed and **********.
id say 8 months past doing this she copped on that i was in her room messing with her underwear.. so she stopped talking to me and it was awkward in the house, she began to start locking the door when she left the house...
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I can sort of relate. Just before college when I was still living at home, my bedroom was connected via a bathroom to my little sister's room. I was 17 at the time, she was 16. We used a common laundry hamper between us. One day when I opened it there at the top I saw a pair of her little purple panties. I don't what compelled me but I took them out and brought them to my nose...instant hardness! My god, the spicy, pungent scent of ***** was so strong on them, it got me more aroused than ever. That day I quietly took them to my room, sniffed them while I ***********. I came so hard it was like I had a convulsion. Two months went by, I kept doing this. Then one day, the unthinkable...I thought I'd locked my door but it turns out I hadn't, because who came into my room just as I was sniffing a pair of her panties, ******* off all the sister. I didn't know what to do, just kind of said, "Uh, sorry, but kinda busy now...". She didn't say anything, just closed the door and left. The next day when I saw her after school she asked me if she could talk to me for a second. I said sure, no problem. She told me that yes, of course she'd seen what I was doing the day before, she wanted me to know she wasn't mad. But she told me she would have felt a bit better if I had asked her before I took the panties. I said I couldn't do that; I was embarrassed enough as it is! She just kind of laughed that off. "There are worse things you could be doing bro." "If sniffing my panties for a little whle here and then makes you happy, I don't see the harm in that." She smiled and that was the end of our talk. God, what a cool sister I've got!

i would have loved a little sister like that,,,