I Love To Wear My Mums Thongs

i love to wear my mums thongs because they are pink and i think they are sexy and i love to flash them of when i wear my mum knows and she isnt bothered because shes got a draw full of them
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22-25, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I recently read a story where a college girl explained that she had *********** for a couple of hours and was caught by her mom while in the middle of her session. She then went and changed her pajamas and panties before going to bed. She then heard her mom in the spare bathroom which was unusual because she had a master bathroom of her own. She got up n saw her mom inspecting and smelling her panties while rubbing her *****. She said that her mom removed her panties, slipped on the wet and gooey pair and went into her room. She then got up and saw that her mom had left a pair of soked panties with white *** stains on the floor. That is my ultimate fantasy to get ahold of a pair of panties that were used, abused and full of *** for my enjoyment.