I Love To Wear Pantyhose And Stockings...

I've been wearing Pantyhose and Stockings since I was In Middle School. I love the way they feel on my skin. I don't wear any boxers while I wear them. I've been married twice. And both times I've been scared to wear pantyhose around them, but now I have a girlfriend who understands and also likes the way they feel and rubs my legs and my private parts when I wear pantyhose. I've got out of wearing stockings, but I still love them. lol...I do wear them out sometimes under my pants with no socks.It's really fun knowing you have them on while going out to eat or whatever. I also like to take my shoes off while I'm driving, It feels good to touch the pedals. I do wear them outside my house, I live in the country and it feels nice to go outside on the porch with just pantyhose on to smoke and walk around...I'm about to do that now.. I'm glad I found this site. Take care.
elaws elaws
May 17, 2012