Nylons Are Forever

i was 12 and home alone. i always loved looking at women's legs if they were wearing nylons... so here i was at home with girdles nylons and high heels.(mom's) i slipped on and ob girdle and felt that wonderful feeling of my thing getting hard.rolling up the stockings and slipping them on was over powering .. i new instantly that i would be doing this again. on went the other stocking . rubbing my legs together produced my first o. what a mind blowing experience. at 12 you wait 10 minutes and are ready for more,, and iwas and i did. i stepped into the black patten heels and learned to walk in them. the nylons pulling as i walked had the desired effect. i was hard and throbbing. for some reason i began to rub my **** and it exploded in seconds. this was heaven !!!

teddygurl teddygurl
46-50, M
Mar 13, 2009

We share the SAME fetish and passion. I was also the same age when I wore my mothers girdles, stockings and stiletto heels anytime I was home alone also. Her ultra sheer RHT Hanes nylons were so slick, shiny and smooth. I would shake putting them on...love to share more stories.