Feels So Sensous

Loved wearing stockings since the first time I wore a girdle. Sleeping in them sometimes, try that on satin sheets and your eyes will really be opened. Doesn't matter to me if the are RHT or have seams, but both of those are preferable to sheer heel and toe, really enjoy wearing while giving head or having sex with a woman. Have not had the courage to wear garters holding up stockings through airport security yet. Has anybody tried this, if so how did security handle it ?
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Satin sheets are awesome. I like to wear underneath my male clothes from time to time. 6-8 & 10 garters are fun and love the stockings TIGHT.........mmm. Try this if you like sat or nylon sheets. Take a favorite pair of lounging/PJ bottoms (satin poly or nylon) turn them inside out and wear them under your pants. Every step is electric. When seated you can casually rub the satin against your gartered stockings by adjusting or sliding the pant leg up or down for a RUSH....and no one will ever know. Becareful that you crotch doesn't get a bit tight (if you know what I mean)! Nylon is not a smooth as satin (if the nylon grain is not going in the right direction for the stockings you are wearing). If this happens just turn those stockings the other way and that will usually work.