Wear Panties Every Day

I started wearing panties every day when I went to college, loved it!

Loved knowing my panties were probably more feminine than many of the girls around me, though I wondered what theirs looked like.

I only wear "manties" when I have to go to the Dr, hate to wear the male underwear, feels so wrong.

My favorites are anything with lace, anything nylon, and anything with flowers. I am a sissy what can I say?

I wish they made cotton panties in sexier styles, they are all so boring!
nicolesister nicolesister
36-40, M
2 Responses May 19, 2012

NO cotton! My favorite is satin but I beg to wear nylon or silk panties too.

Good for you dear, but I wear panties when I go to my doctor too. What would surprise my doctor is if I wasn't wearing panties and a bra under my clothes.