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If you want to try coming out a bit, wear them to your next checkup. I suspect you'll get a thrill. Medical people see it all the time, and will be secretly amused... but they won't judge you by it, --It comes with the job. lol
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I've worn my bra and panties to the doctor's office many times. You are correct that it is a thrill and that they don't judge you for it.

This morning I went to see my Doctor, for a routine check. It was after I swam, and I was supposed to fast (I was HUNGRY!) I only wore my top, grey leggings and some tennies,under a hoodie. Okay not too classy but enough to still turn heads. Wearing only the leggings was a little ... well, you know, risque, but it worked. My point is they don't care what you wear to the Dr.'s office, as long asyou don't forget your appointment.

I wear them all the time, as outerwear. Silly rabbit, leggings are for girls....

OK. Next time at doctor's, he might get a chance to see my prettiest panties.

A treat for him

That is true Janie, medical people see guys wear panties and bras under their drab clothes quite often and it is no big deal.
I wear panties and a bra all the time, including when I have my regular appointment with my doctor ... the only thing that would probably surprise her is if I wasn't wearing lingerie.

For me, a similar experience occurred once I started shaving myself. Although I've never had much pubic hair, by the time I reached 18, most casual observers could see obviously that I shaved myself. For a while, I got a thrill doing normal things -- like going to swim, workout at gyms and going to nude beaches. I imagined all my friends noticed, and in fact many did. A few asked about it, like my roomie. But my biggest thrill was going to see my OBGYN. Imagine how I must have felt, as I appeared to my doctor, her nurse and staff. Frankly, I don't think they noticed -- or cared much if they did.

That's okay, I noticed everything!!!! Every detail, that is..... ;)-

Exactly ... and yes I'm sure they noticed, Janie, but it didn't make one wit of difference to them that you shaved down below.

Well Lisa it is pubic hair Janie and I were talking about ...

A proper sissy should wear panties to the dr. I was nervous the first time but got through it and now wear them everytime

Once in the hospital I had a doc that was known to be gay and I loved to be in an exposed position when I would hear him in the hall. I stayed high as a kite and would have loved to have tried panties if I'd had any! They can't put it in your medical info. "Slight temp, increased BP and wearing pink panties". I would think you are safe with a medical professional gay, bi or straight. Thanks for the idea, that's hot!

I have worn panties to my dr appointment as well and I have written about both of my accounts you might enjoy reading them<br />
<br />
tried to add you as a friend but your settings don't allow can you add me?<br />
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I'll go chase it down. Were you embarrassed? Did you enjoy it? Did the nurse give you a smack on your butt? (after all, you deserved it!)

Added you just now

thanks for the add an as you read he treated me about the same both visits just alittle more open on the second one. if you dress like a sissy then what else can you expect


Just read your story, it's very cute.... no -- adorable!!!

thanku for reading it and it was embarassing but whats a sissy to do. he was nice to me about everything

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Been there, done that, and will do it again.

well, in that case have fun, and think about whatever else you can do lol

I have thought about it, do you have any suggestions?