I Love Wearing Panties

I love to wear panties and wear them every day.   it makes me feel so good. It started when I was about eleven.  . I used to wear my mom's panties and bras. When I first tried on one I was hooked. Now I can't wait to put on my panties. 

Wearing panties feels great  .  Panties are so much more comfortable than men's underwear.  .
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I love wearing my wife's panties.

Yep, been wearing them for about 20 years. I used to get them straight from the laundry or dresser at friends houses. But my favorites had always been my two sisters' when they were in high school

You should share a few stories about wearing your sisters panties.

Well one of the first experiences was when I still lived at home (many years ago). I was in my early 20's and my older sister was just in high school. She had been a cheerleader through middle school- long semi-curly dirty blonde hair, petite but nicely curved. Nearly all of her panties were mostly string bikinis. I would usually put one pair on, lay on her bed and ********** into another pair, put it back and wear the other one all day. I would usually switch it out sometime later. One day I found her cheerleaders panties. They were green, high cut nylon briefs. I couldn't risk taking those with me as she would need them, but I would wear them, come in them, and put them back. Nothing better than thinking of her wearing those the next time at school.

You should copy this into a story, post it and get your 1st story trophy

Thanks. I think I will do that.

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Your so right. Nothing feels better than wearing a nice pair of panties. I wear panties 24/7 and will never wear mens underware again.

You are so right Nita.

i agree panties 24/7 4 me