My favorite panties are a zebra stripe print with lace cuffs - but I love every pair of panties I own! Panties are so much softer and more comfortable than mens' briefs - in panties, my junk feels like it's floating in a sea of goose down feathers!
steve66oh steve66oh
51-55, M
6 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I too just love wearing really cute panties,.... they are so sexy, and comfortable. I prefer nylon bikinis in that they fit, and feel so smooth, so soft to the touch.

Isn't that the truth! ;-) Not all of my panties and bras are sexy, some are just pretty, but I love them all and when I get up in the morning and dress I love choosing my lingerie for the day up to how I feel.

I have a pair just like your's!!!!

Good for you Steve. I haven't worn nor owned any male undies since my wife, shortly after we were married, threw out the last couple pair. She said they were just taking up space in my panty drawer and she was right.

Panties cant be beat.

They are simply better!

I agree with you on this...I wear panties everyday and love them!!!