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Wearing Pantyhose

I am a man who loves to wear pantyhose and have for a long time. When I put them on they feel so good on my legs that I don't want to take them off. Idk what's wrong with me?
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I first thought there may be something wrong with me as well. But after reading about so many men wearing pantyhose and all the comments, to which I agree, that if women can wear mens clothing then men can wear womens clothing as well, then I decided that there was in fact nothing wrong with me at all. Why can't I enjoy things that I want to as well. And as smoothbill commented, what you do is your business and it is your body. I also shave my legs and it certainly enhances the feeling of the nylon on your skin and they fit so much better.

Why not? i use to wear pantyhose every time since aged, actually, sometimes i also wear pantyhose with shorts in summer time so my legs look smooth and sexier but i prefer mules, so i can show my sexy pantyhosed feet. Cheers from Madrid (Spain)

Why would you think that there's something wrong with you ! After all pantyhose are just another article of clothing. Don't forget, it was us guys that wore them first. Take a look at our fore fathers,...George Washington,Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin to name a few. They all wore ph/tights of some sort. My gf loves the way they look on me. I wear openly with shorts and have not gotten any rude looks or comments. I also shave my legs completely and love the way they look and feel.Don't worry what other people are thinking. It's your body !! Do what you want with it...nobody cares !

My girlfriend got me to wear nude pantyhose with my slip on shoes (once) and I've never looked back. However, she has got no idea that I'm hooked on them now and wear them under my jeans as much as I can. Socks don't feel the same anymore. I must admit although I have shaved my legs slightly, I wonder what it would be like to have a complete shave and moisturise then but a pair of sheers on.

RE: I wonder what it would be like to have a complete shave and moisturise then put a pair of sheers on.

When I first started wearing pantyhose I didn't shave. I finally decided to shave the top of my legs and there was a difference in how the pantyhose felt when I put them on. So the next time I showered, I completely shaved my legs and when I put on some pantyhose, the difference was like night and day. The pantyhose fit so nice and snug against your legs and your skin can actually feel the silky nylon against it. I've been shaving my legs every since and am glad I made the decision to do so. When you see everyone saying you need to shave your legs, as someone who does, they are right. Try it, if you don't enjoy the difference, hey, your hair will grow back ... lol.