My Pantyhose History Pt1

It began when i was about six or seven,i remember seeing my mums tights in the wash basket,and like many on here,i like the feel of them.I think they where a chocolate colour,and being as my mum was a large lady,i was able to pull them up under my arm pits.
Then of cause one day it happened ,i got caught by mum,got a tanning off dad,but it didn't put me off,i was hooked. 

After that i managed to hide a few pairs in the garden shed,and that was my little changing place,as my family didn't go in there that often.a few weeks later i went out for the first time wearing them under my trousers,and they felt fantastic .For some reason i had decided to go net fishing down Danson Park lake that same day.Leading into the lake is a small stream so i decided to take my shoes and socks off and rolled my trouser legs up,showing my chocolate brown pantyhose legs,i quickly walked into the water,because as luck would have it some of my friends came along,and thought it would be a good idea to do i bit of fishing as well.
No one noticed at first,but then one of my mates said"your legs look a bit brown",oh no i thought,so i made up something like it's the water,or they're dirty,anyway i had to wait ages before i could get out,without them noticing.  
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I wonder why you would get a tanning just for wearing some clothes.

I started in a similar way I'd wear them under my pyjamas in bed at night - except I hid the tights and stockings I borrowed from my mum's drawer by balling them up and stuffing them behind the radiator in my bedroom. They used to disappear so I guess she knew - although she never mentioned it.

You should ask her about it now