My Pantyhose History Pt2

So by now i was now 11 years old,and getting very good about hiding and wearing pantyhose,my sisters did'nt really wear any,as they were younger than me,so i had to make do with my mums,which as you know were a bit on the large side,but i did'nt really care.
     Summer came,and as usual we went down to my grandma's and grandad's place down on the Kent coast.On getting there and after saying hello to them,i walked though the kitchen,and noticed loads of my gran's pantyhose hanging on the line drying,now she was a lot small than my mum,so then no one was around,so i got a pair down and quickly went into the bath room,locked the door ,got undressed and tried them on,perfect fit and in a different shade,these were nude colour,i got changed again and hid them with my clean clothes,and waited for the chance to wear them.
    A couple of day's later came the chance,my gran was taking my sister's out shopping,so they knew i wouldn't want to go,my grandad was watching cricket,so he wasn't going to move,so  when they went ,i went into the bath room and put them on,put my jeans on over them,no socks and my plimsolls, and told my grandad that i was going down to the beach.ok he said,not moving his head from the telly,just be back by six for dinner,so off i went.
    When i got to the beach there was not that many people around,as it was a fairly windy day,and had a slight chill even though it was August,i sat down down the shingle, got my plimsolls off and rolled my jeans up to my knees,got up and walked down the to the sandy beach.The tide was on the way out ,so there were plenty of small pools for me to paddle through in my pantyhosed feet ,it felt like i was in bare feet,but when i looked down i could see the pantyhose had gone see though,so i had a slow stroll down to the sea and let the waves roll across my feet and legs,i wanted to go a bit further so i rolled my jeans up a bit more and was now showing my knees and a bit of thigh.A few people walked past,but no one really noticed that i was wearing pantyhose,apart from one woman who had a little stare.
    By now it was getting a little cold,i looked at my watch and it was 5.40pm,so i quickly walked back up the beach,got to the shingle,and sat down,brushed as much of the sand off my feet as i could and put my plimsolls back on,rolled my jeans down and walked back to grans.When i got there my sisters still weren't back so i quickly went into the bathroom got my pantyhose off and rinsed them under the tap too get rid of the sand and salt water, and then hid them.
     I managed to do this a few more times before we went home and they were none the wiser,i also got myself a couple more pairs of pantyhose before we left as they were a better fit,i don't think my gran ever noticed they were missing as she never mentioned it.

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You have reminded me of when I was younger and new to dressing! I went for a walk in a feld close to my house and it was muddy. I had on my first pair of tights! And I walked bair footed through the feel and had the mud stick to my feet. A quick wash in a streem and off home! I think I was 10.