My Pantyhose History Pt3

       I was only back home from my grans for a week,when i had to go camping with St.Johns Ambulance down at Bexhill on sea,me and my friends had a grand old time doing various activities,but unknown to me the best bit of the week was to come.  
      On the Friday the camp commander got all the cadets(boys and girls) to gather around him,we were then told that on Saturday we were going to have an end of camp party,and that at each party there was a theme,and our theme was a Topsy,turvey theme,which meant girls go as boys,and boys go as girls,i just could not believe my luck,my mates were well pissed off,as for me it was like all my birthdays had come at once.
    After we were told there was boys and girls buzzing around going in and out of each others tents for most of Friday evening after parade and Saturday also after parade.Getting bra's knickers,tights,blouse and skirt was easy,however finding a pair of shoes to fit was a lot harder,but after much hunting and going into the girls tents, i found a pair,all i had to do now was wait until after parade to get changed,which seemed to take forever.
    I could not contain my excitement about getting dressed up as a girl,and being able to put on those lovely clothes and no one will say anything about it,i just kept smiling to myself and so as we heard parade dismiss,i ran back to the tent to get changed.I've never got my uniform off so quick,and putting on those little lace trimmed knickers for the first time sent a shiver down my back,next were the tights,i think they might have been nude colour,i didn't have to shave as i was still young,but i got a couple of funny looks off my mates because i put them on so quickly,after i put my tights on came the bra,and being as i'd never put one on before i struggled a bit,adjusted the straps and stuffed a pair of socks in the cups to give me some boobs,then came the blouse,which felt lovely and silky against my skin and then the skirt,which i slowly pulled up over my nylon covered legs,zipped up the back,and then slipped on the shoes,but i was not quite complete,i then walked round to the girls tent were i'd got the blouse from,because she said she'd do my make up for me,20 minutes later my transformation was complete.
    I walked back to my tent,and when i went in i got a few funny looks and a what have you got on remark,"make up"i said,one of the older girls done it for me,i then had to wait for a while as my mates were not quite ready.15 minutes later we walked to the club house.Feeling the tights rubbing together and  my skirt floating around my legs and the cool summer breeze,i was in seventh heaven.The party went well,danced like i've never danced before,but the end just came to soon for and by 11pm the party was over,i hung around for a while and then took a long detour back to my tent,trying to make it last as long as i could.
   The next morning i return the clothes i'd borrowed,but kept the knickers and tights,i didn't see the girls i'd borrowed them from,so i guessed they wouldn't mind if i kept them.
   And that is how i became a trannie,and that was an experience i'll never forget
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Do you lovet wear silky pantyhose like leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose

I really loved this description of saying of how getting dressed xx

In High School my Senior year we had a "crossdress" day during homecoming week. I was in heaven as my girlfriend put me in a short pink skirt, blouse and panties with pantyhose and her shoes fit me but I was way too scared to wear them so she put me in her pink sandals. She put a wig on me and did my makeup. It was so much fun. She kept rubbing my legs and laughing as my hard on kept tenting the skirt and hose. But we had pretty amazing sex after school though.

an intense and wonderful experience

Sounds like you had a blast! I love your writing style btw. Thanks for adding me :-)

Thank you xx

Sounds like a great time.