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Imprinted On My Soul

I written about wearing pantyhose more than a few times here on EP. It's no secret that I love to wear them. I love just about everything about pantyhose.

It all started when I was 12. This was back in the 1970s, and it seemed that all women wore pantyhose or some form of hosiery when they wore a dress or skirt. I was going through puberty, and really began to notice and appreciate women - especially their legs. I had just entered the 6th grade, and even the girls in school had begun wearing pantyhose. It seemed like pantyhose were everywhere.

And then for some reason I didn't understand at the time, I became curious to try on a pair of pantyhose. So, like many other young trannies, I went into my mom's room and began rummaging through her drawers until I found the one filled with pantyhose. Back then, my mom wore L'eggs - which came cleverly packaged in the little egg shaped containers. I still remember it like it was yesterday - that electric charge that ran down my spine when I first slid those pantyhose over my toes and pulled them up my legs. It was incredible!

Of course, because I am a tranny, I enjoy dressing up in all sorts of women's clothing. And even though I've worn some lovely skirts and blouses, sexy dresses, killer high heels, nothing else has been imprinted on my soul the same way as pantyhose.
BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy 46-50, T 3 Responses May 18, 2012

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"...that electric charge...", wow, so true...still get tingly when sliding that silky fabric over my legs after many, many years of wearing (unfortunately, secretly). And I remember when my sister went off to college in a different state, and I was told to clean out her car to sell that I found that egg. Instant excitement since no-one else knew I took it for myself!

That feeling never gets old!

I can so relate to your inner feelings. I love to be freshly shaven .Wearing pantyhose !!


I remember that day when I slid a pair of pantyhose up my legs. I also feel that the pantyhose left an imprint on me.


A lot of us get zapped by the pantyhose bug the moment we put them on. They are so feminine, and feel so soft and delicate...unlike anything we've felt before