Caroline B Extra Sheer 100% Nylon

you just have to try these, quite expensive but they feel oh so good on my legs..barely visible and no lycra as hell.....just cant stop touching them, probably about 5 denier...
falkelover falkelover
46-50, M
1 Response Jul 28, 2012

I've just fallen in love with wolford fatal 15s! Expensive but they have to be the best I've ever felt!
I laugh to myself when I see women wearing cheap tights and hose and wonder what they would think of my collection...

Most are just ridiculously stupid and don't wear hose because they have never been fitted and also have never worn anything but cheap garbage hose. They would think "how silly for you to wear them? How can you think they're comfortable and like them?
My answer is: Because you pick cheap garbage and don't get "quality beats quantity every time!"