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Ive been wearing and hiding them for years. I used to think something was wrong with me but now i just dont care anymore. I opened up to my wife about it a couple of years back. She lets me put them on sometimes but not enough. But she doesnt know i wear them pretty much whenever i can. Im addicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I told my wife when we first went out. Instead of objecting, she encouraged me. And it was just the beginning. I always wear pantyhose, and with her encouragement I'm always crossdressed at home in leg-revealing clothes.

Me too, seems like I'm caught in a hose trap. Next thing you know there's a whole pile of pantyhose to choose from, but the only important ones are what's next. I'm currently lying on my bed with my new favorite pantyhose (wolford fatal 15 seamless) wondering where this will stop. They just feel too good, look too good and make me way too horny to ever stop.
I swear I'm working to support my pantyhose addiction!
Maybe if let your wife know just how happy and sensual they make you feel she'll come around.

Your experience is very similar to mine. I also used to hide the fact that I wear pantyhose. I was basically "in the dark" for many years until I decided to find out what was going on with me. I did some extensive research on the web and as time went by I was learning more what were the reasons for my "great passion" for pantyhose. I'm addicted to pantyhose. So now I know that there is nothing wrong with me. And I'm not the only man that loves to wear pantyhose. Now I have reached the point to where I'm tired of hiding the fact that I wear pantyhose. So now I have started to wear them more openly. I've gone out wearing shorts and hose out openly once a little bit over a week ago.. Even if I wear jeans I still try to show a little bit that I am wearing pantyhose. I'm not trying to draw attention or anything. But like I said, I'm tired of hiding it like if it was something to be ashamed of. And as far as I'm concerned, I have absolutely no regrets about it. On the contrary, I feel good about myself and I am gaining confidence. It's too bad that your wife doesn't allow you to wear them as often as you would like. Just keep wearing them whenever you can. Good luck:)