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My Story Of Ph

I have been wearing PH for a very long time, luv the feel and look of them, I wear nylons more than a lot of women do in the privacy of my own home, but the funny thing is now, i am wearing pantyhose by recomendations of Drs, yes Drs 2 of them have told me i should wear Panthyhose, reason for it is i have what is called Venus defiency which is the lack of blood returning bk from your legs. For those of you who do not know, I guess what i really like is wearing PH under blue jeans luv the feel of them. I guess if push comes to shove my favorite color would have to be a off black, i think it is a more brown than blk not sure, I also luv suntan, blk, adore white PH with seams grey and silver with reinforced toe. But anyway im now under Drs request to wear Pantyhose, LOL to me that is so funny. But i luv pantyhose have for some time, and now i get to wear them all the time, or at least as i choose and wife doesnt have a problem with them. SO everythign here is quit cool. Hope to talk to people 1 on 1 about wearing pantyhose thou, i just luv them
whiteKnightActual whiteKnightActual 56-60, M 5 Responses Nov 18, 2012

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I too have a legitimate reason for wearing them. I started on cholesterol meds about 2 years ago. As time went on, it seemed I would get leg cramps from time to time during the night. My SO suggested I check with my Dr. I had read on the web that some of the side effects of lovastatin could be "cramping", and my Doc confirmed it. I asked for a suggestion, and he told me I could try the mild (8-15 mmHG) support stockings.

Now I had previously enjoyed wearing pantyhose from time to time, but not on a regular basis. Now with the support stocking ($28.00), and wearing them 3 or 4 days a week, had eliminated my leg cramps during the night. I would get the cramps 2 or 3 nights a week. I decided to try the "L'eggs Active Support" pantyhose, and they seemed to work just as well as the $28.00 stockings, and at a much cheaper price. I've also tried some thigh highs I ordered from, and they are fun to wear too. Sheer, nice colors, and offers the support that has stopped totally my leg cramping at night. They don't stay up so well when I'm active, so always rub some moisturizer when the elastic bands are positioned, which helps. Also tried some Silkies (a little more expensive than L'eggs, but very nice, silky, and comfortable). Now I'm wearing thigh highs 4 or 5 days a week and pantyhose 2 or 3 days a week. I'm hooked and enjoy it.

Want to talk, OK but first tell me about Venus Defiency. Me, I have not been to a DR but my feet are swolen after 10-12 hrs on them. They hurt. When driving 8-10 hrs my legs get achy. Walking or rubbing my thys helps. OR, I can wear womans support hose. Most of the issues go away. So does that sound like Venus Defiency? Now for my story. When I was in Jr High I wondered what my moms support hose felt like. So home alone one day I slipped a pair on. The rest is history. Did not wear for years after marrage but after over 3 decades I talked to her about the need and desire. The need to wear is not often but the desire is constant. I love the squeeze of support hose on my feet, legs and hips area. I love the feel of massage while walking or just moving my legs. Now I am seeing my wife show interest in watching me put them on. Or when I can wear sheer to waist with out underwear, (never wear underwear) (that is why they call them panty hose) with just a short t-shirt or polo. My manhood playing peak a boo is more intesting than she will admitt. I see her eyes looking!!

I too learned the love of hose as a teen but did not start wearing for real until receintly. I love the way I can work on my feet alllllll day! And not have near the pain in my feet. But there are days when I dont realy need them but want too. Then there are our naked days. Nobody home but us. I like to be nude and she dont mind it. But when working in the kitchen it is good to keep "things" under control. I call my hose and short t-shirt atire comfort clothes. My fav color is off-black or suntan. I have mostly support hose but do have sheer to waist for those nights of frollick. Been married 35 years and these are the best times. If it gets any better its gona kill me. But what a way to die.

hey, read your email that u wrote me, o yeah its cool all right , and this is my perpective on things, everything in this world is wrong, so if U do something as long as it doesnt hurt some 1 who cares. As far ahs wearing PH nd support nylons goes each to their own, to me its not a issue. Personally I dont flant it, i wear PH under neath my jeans, it helps blood circulation in my legs. For me its both a fetis and for health reasons, so who cares casue i dont advertise it , its not 1s business except mine and my wifes.
Anyway i got to get bk at doing wha i was doing talk 2 u later, write me bk keep in touch

Yes I wear for health reasons. I did not go to a Dr though. I just googled foot pain and that lead me to health web sites. I am not sure if I have any medical condition but I know that I have had two days in a row when I would go without suppot hose and the next day wearing. The 2nd day the pain in my feet would be reduced significantly. I though the first time this is just a feddish thing. But I did back to back test and got the same results everytime. I also do a lot of driving. After 8-10 hrs I get restless. Wearing my support hose I do not. In fact I feel like I am more alert. Get less sleepy behind the wheel. Like you my wife is cool with it. She has began to help with tips to better wearing experiences. The bottom line is life is better for me wearing support pantyhose. Hope it stays that way and I hope when someone finds out asside from my wife they will be as accepting. Good to met you lets stay in touch.

The funny thing is, I've worn hose way more often than my wife. And there are tips I've given her that she didn't know that helped her out when she did wear hose. She always wore hose when in a dress (for me) and was always the sexiest (most of the time with or without hose) and hottest lady in any event. :)