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The Begining

I was just entering Jr. High. I wondered what dose the support hose mom wears feels like. So one day i slipped a pair on and WAMO I was hooked. I played a bit for a few years but then moved out and not really feeling like my new wife would accept the idea. I still wanted to wear but it simply not worth the risk or damage to a for life long relationship. That was then and this is now. Still the same wife in person but NOT in personallity. She is perfectly OK with me around the house wearing what I call my comfort clothes. That would be a pair of sheer to waist hose, and a short Tshirt. Just short enough to let the private parts be not so private. So today we are happly hosed and hope to continue so.
BenHosedGuy BenHosedGuy 51-55, M 2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

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So lucky to have a wife who accept this!

Congratulations on the wife accepting your wearing pantyhose, even if it's just around the house. My wife also is fine with my wearing as well. But, apparently as your wife, mine would rather I not wear nylons out around town if I'm in shorts. So as long as my nylons are covered by long pants outside the house she's fine with it. She may come around some time later but I figure if she is acceptable of my wearing nylons then I'll accept where she would rather I wear them, give and take.