"p" Is For Pantyhose

Like with all my stories,its starts out with that I started wearing them at an early age,it semed as though I was always subjected to seeing and dont get me wrong,im not complaining,it seems every female member of my family on my moms side,from grandmom right on down!

It was at the age of 10 that I couldnt stand the overpowering urge to wear them and started wearing my moms and grand moms pantyhose,they had an over abundance of pantyhose so they never noticed when I took some pairs for myself,like everyone else I had my own secret little hiding place where I both wore them and kept them stashed,it was and I really cant explain the very strong urge at that age for oral and anal sex,so I found me some ****-like objects to practice with both ways,Im not quite sure how far Im allowed to go with this,lets just say that at that age lets just say that I had my first encounter with a real male,being caught in the act,"my punishment" was to do oral and anal sexual favors for him and he wouldnt tell what he knew but he didnt know that even at that age that that intimidation doesnt work on me it really turns me on,cause the jokes on them its something that I enjoy doing anyway.

Things would settle down for awhile after that,and wouldnt start back up until I was about 13 and then it would stay very interesting until the age of 17 and the as quick as these urges and feelings came they would dissapate and although all along I would stay faithful towards mt feelings for wearing pantyhose there would be a lull in my activities until around March of 1997 and then the feelings and urges would resurface stronger than ever and it was then that I would really start to experiment and have experiences that I like to share even to this day!
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I think with alot of us it was with us getting introduced to our moms panty/pantyhose drawer!!