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Pantyhose Lover

I love my pantyhose so much!  I have worn thigh highs and stockings with garter belts over the years because everyone says they are sexier, more classic or have "easier access".  Pantyhose always got a bum rap as far as I'm concerned, they can be very sexy and can really make your legs and bottom look feminine.  As a crossdresser I especially like what the panty part does and some pantyhose are very sexy and pretty for very little money!  Everyday wear pantyhose for me are Leggs Reliance, under $4 last a loooong time and look good. No Nonsense Sheer Endurance look a little nicer but don't last quite as long, but your legs look a little more feminine and they cost about $4 too.  For a special pretty treat I wear No Nonsense Almost Bare, they have a really cute sexy lacy panty and the legs are like nothing else, they are so light and airy, oooooh!  They usually only last a couple wearings but they are sooo pretty and only cost about $3.50.  Any way pantyhose feel so nice and are just my favorite, I would love to see more people wear them!

MonicaCD MonicaCD 51-55, T 8 Responses Dec 26, 2008

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I see we're about the same age, I've been wearing ph for almost 50 now and still love them

I love L'eggs Sheer Energy and Silken Mist.

me too i love wearing pantyhose and stockings!

Well Monica being the divas we want to be can be soooo much more fun with an ssortment of hose ... and like you I too am attached to panthose. I do enjoy an occaisional night out in thigh highs, and especially feel kind of naughty wearing some older styled stockings with an open bottom girdle and pumps.<br />
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I hope there are more of us out there who will stop fntasizinf about wearing these flirtatious and sexy feeling items and wear them!

I absolutely love pantyhose too. I started a group, "I Want to Write Reviews About Wearing Pantyhose." where anyone is welcome to read other's opinions of brands and types, or even provide some of your own thoughts.<br />
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I love hose and love people that love hose.<br />
I know the feelings you talk about and sharing them with others like yourself would be a dream come true. Imagine a room full of crossdresser enjoying their hose together. What a seen that would be. Wet and steamy for sure.I get hard just thinking about it.<br />
I love pantyhose more and more.<br />
A CD thought<br />

I love all kinds of hose and would wear them offten if i could, the look and the feel are unmatched

Love hose. Thigh highs, pantyhose, tights, all of them. They help effect a feminine feeling in me. Enhance how i feel already.