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First Pantyhose Arousal

Hi everyone! When I was 5 years old, my mom used to wash her pantyhose in the shower and let them dry nearby. One day when i was taking a shower i decided to put the pantyhose on and the feeling of wet nylon on my skin got me aroused for the first time. Since that moment there was no single day I managed myself to steal a pair of pantyhose from my aunts or my mother.

mediaswolford mediaswolford 26-30, M 14 Responses Jan 31, 2009

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I tried my mom's when I was around 5 and since then I always wore pantyhoses to **********.

Great story, brings back memories, would you consider adding me?

I've showered and bathed in pantyhose,can't be the feeling of wet panthose on my legs,and feeling them slowly dry out

You'll never forget that first time.

I love the feel of wet nylon on my legs. I should wet them down more often!

I often wonder what my wife would do if she found out that i wear her pantyhose when she isnt home

I often wonder what my wife would do if she found out that i wear her pantyhose when she isnt home

i just love the feel of them as I rub my thighs together and how tight they hold my tucked ****!

Shave your legs and wear them in the shower. If you **** in them you will get an incredible rush. Be careful it is addictive, I try and get all my lovers to try it out. Let me tell you that the shaving makes all the difference.<br />
A CD thought<br />

i love walking in a rain storm,not missing a puddle as my sneakers get drenched so does my crotch!

Wet pantyhose are fantastic, whether I'm wearing them or someone else is. I think pantyhose should be required attire when swimming in public pools. I very much enjoy having dry pantyhose on, and then getting them wet!

Try wetting the pantyhose with water while you wear them. You will love the sensation as they slowly dry.

You need to try shaving your legs and wearing nude pantyhose out in public!

Ditto Mediaswolford. Ditto!